Executive Summary - Stuart B. Fields

Educational Facilitation

Stuart Fields has extensive experience in design, delivery and administration of employee education programs. He is known for an outstanding facilitation style with adult learners; outgoing, enthusiastic, dynamic often achieving rankings of 5 on a scale of 1-5 on classroom evaluations (level one Kirkpatrick scale). Stuart has delivered a broad array of over 50 different educational programs to audiences ranging in size from 2 to 502.


As a Development Dimensions International (DDI) certified Master Administrator in Behavioral Based Interviewing, Stuart can deliver interview training and help structure an entire recruiting system for clients. As a DDI certified Leadership Program facilitator Stuart can deliver 60+ soft-skill leadership courses.

Achieve Global Leadership Certification compliments DDI.

Stuart attained Technical Trainer (CTT+) with the International Bureau of Standards in Performance and Training Improvement (IBSTPI). This is a distinction (pedigree) in the corporate education community.

Stuart has also been certified in Business Writing (Brainbench) and many proprietary certifications through Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and The Schwan Food Company.

Beyond Certification:

10 years overseas professional experience in Europe and Asia-Pacific combined with academic preparation in intercultural communication and management provides a unique quality of international acumen and interpersonal understanding. Stuart also possesses a strong technical aptitude often becoming a beta tester of internet and PC applications HR systems. He has solid experience in management and sales with educational consulting abilities this enables Stuart to identify training gaps and create a tailored program to fill that void.

Below are training areas in which Stuart excels;

Customer Service




Team Building

Business writing

Virtual teaming and collaboration