about stuart fields

an expert facilitator and business coach guiding professionals on their path toward abundant success

Stuart partners with business managers and teams around the world to to identify and delivery personalized learning solutions. These solutions expand their ability to transform setbacks into the stepping stones on their path toward achieving abundant success.

More specifically, these learning and training solutions help his clients:

  • Enlarge the vision of who they are and what they can achieve.

  • Look at situations from different perspectives to see possibilities not previously considered.

  • Narrow the possibilities to the most effective solutions.

  • Move forward along a path of continual development.

  • Build resiliency so they bounce back from setbacks and prosper.

Stuart has delivered a broad array of over 50 different educational programs to audiences ranging in size from 2 to 502. When companies partner with Stuart, they benefit from his:

Extensive toolbox of learning and training solutions

A lifelong learner, Stuart’s gathered and mastered leadership development exercises, trainings, assessments and processes for more than three decades. He often uses this extensive toolbox to adapt an experience or exercise in the moment to meet the needs of the person or group he’s guiding.

In addition to having a master's degree in adult learning and leadership, Stuart’s a certified:

  • DDI Leadership Program facilitator for target selection (behavioral-based interviewing) and more than 60 soft-skill leadership courses

  • Trainer in Jack Canfield's Methodology and the facilitation of individual and group transformation through the experiential teaching of Canfield's principles of success

  • Technical Trainer (CTT+) by the International Bureau for Standards in Training and Performance Improvement Board (IBSTPI)

Stuart's also been certified in Business Writing (Brainbench) and holds many proprietary certifications through Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and The Schwan Food Company.

Global perspective on the benefit of working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds

Living, working and training around the world shaped Stuart’s appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds and the global perspective he provides. With an academic background in intercultural communication and management, Stuart spent 10 years working overseas in Europe and Asia-Pacific. And, he often partners with global learning and development consultancies to adapt and deliver training materials for U.S. based employees.

This global perspective Stuart provides brings a unique understanding of contrastive views to most situations. As a result, Stuart’s able to guide teams to explore possibilities in ways many others may not be able.

Personal Experience

Stuart shares personal stories of resiliency to provide the encouragement his clients need to keep moving forward during challenging time. Like many, he’s experienced several setbacks in life, and he knows first hand it’s possible to come out stronger on the other side of a challenging situation. By learning the skills to see possibilities instead of problems, Stuart was able to transform these obstacles into opportunities and reach greater levels of success. He's committed to helping others do the same in their lives.

An expert facilitator, Stuart Fields is known for a dynamic style that engages audiences
Stuart B Fields co-authored the book Life Lessons in Success
Co-author of the book We Wish We Had Known

Known for his outgoing, enthusiastic, and dynamic style, Stuart is passionate about demonstrating he C.A.R.E.S. through


To gain trust, you have to be vulnerable. Have a heart, don't be afraid to show it.


Share information people need to hear even if they may not want to hear it.


Seek out and share relevant tools and information to help people make a positive impact.


Help people believe they can overcome challenges and emerge stronger.


Envision alternate ways to proceed and sort through the clutter to find the best path.

Ready to explore what remote or in-person learning solutions may help move your team along the path toward achieving abundant success?