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This class was the best-informed class I have been to. There were so many things taught this week that will help me sell more and help me keep customers from backsliding, and so much more. Thank you, I learned a lot. --Curtis S.

Stu Fields has a great speaking and presentation style that kept my attention and will increase my sales and most importantly keep my customers satisfied. – Gary B.

This has been one of the most useful seminars/training sessions I have been to. Sharing our knowledge successes and failures is the best way of learning. Thanks, -- Brad B.

Thank you for all your efforts in conducting such a professional educational class. I have never been more motivated throughout any other business presentation. I learned a lot of new exciting ideas and am eager to put them to use. Thank you for much for all of your time and devotion. – Rick F.

Stu, I enjoyed your class very much. I appreciated your professionalism and your unique knowledge of the course material. You were able to introduce and explain the finer points to being a customer service manager, many of which were sort of foggy in my head prior to class. And as QBQ (Question behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life) teaches, great tools & information is meaningless unless “I” take action. – Mark D.

Truly [there was] never a dull moment. It is rare to have so much learning obtained in such a positive, up beat manner. – David G.

Stu Fields, CSI Class: Informative, passionate, motivating. – Lynn M.

Stu, as always, was the ultimate professional . . . – Steve V.

The AS-1 (advanced sales) class was a good way for me to rekindle the excitement for the job I held when I was a new employee. Stu is a well-informed instructor who varies activities, discussion, and lecture to keep all the attendees interested and involved in the class.

– Michael S.

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